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Puzzle Mania Franchise

What we offer:

  • We will assign you one of our existing e-shop websites for your country (example: for Portugal You will have www.puzzle-mania.PT).
  • If we currently don’t have a dedicated website for your country, we can create one.
  • You will handle all received orders.
  • You will handle all received emails.
  • You will be able to set up your own pricing policy and payment methods.
  • All products are managed on our side.
  • The dedicated website will indicate your stock quantities as “In stock” and all our stock quantities as “In 14 days”.
  • We can provide an IT support to meet all needs such as integration to ERP or support for connection to a shipping company.

What we require:

  • You will buy all puzzles from our wholesale website for wholesale prices.
  • You need to create a Company, legal entity, to meet all rules related to your country and complying with provisions of internet eshops (alebo online shops/stores).
  • Suitable storage space for your puzzles (warehouse).
  • Prompt response to all customers’ emails every business day.


  • More stock quantities in your warehouse means more orders. Customers usually don’t want to wait 14 days for delivery.
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