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A blog called Puzzle-Mania

Do you know this feeling when you open a brand new jigsaw puzzle box? A mix of excitement about a new challenge combined with doubt. Will I be able to do it? Why do I even do it? I must admit that I feel all this right now while writing this entry, because I know these words are a beginning of something new. I want to welcome you to the blog about… puzzles! It is a very special place and let me tell you, why.

Call me… Maniac?

‘You maniac!’ – has anyone ever called you that? Perhaps it was a compliment, perhaps an undisguised contempt? How to call endless hours spent on putting together picture pieces other than total madness?…

Have you ever thought about the meaning of a word ‘maniac’? It has both positive and negative connotations. The dictionary says a maniac is a fanatic or a freak but also a person who has a very strong interest in a particular activity – a passion. So when you hear someone calling you ‘a maniac’ – is he calling you a freak or an enthusiast? It makes a difference, doesn’t it?

Call us… Puzzle-Maniacs!

Regardless, I welcome you to the blog run by Puzzle-Maniacs. A group of people with mutual passion for doing jigsaw puzzles and something else that helped to create this idea.

In other words

Apart from the passion for doing jigsaw puzzles, is also an online shop run by total enthusiasts always open to crazy ideas. The main idea has started to form some time ago: What if we shared our passion in quite unusual way? Why don’t we expand our service and create an international community for our clients? Aren’t we all sharing the same passion?

Our goal is to publish texts written by Polish and foreign authors to share different and sometimes contradictory views, experiences and variety of emotions.

I am extremely pleased to acknowledge that team gives all of us a platform to spread a certain idea and not to just promote the website. We believe that jigsaw puzzles are fun for children, teenagers and adults (we will definitely write  more about doing puzzles in future posts). So do not be surprised that there will be both optimistic and critical blog entries about latest news or the history of puzzle-mania as well as reviews, community information and everything else that pops into our minds.

PuzzleMania – the idea becomes reality

A first blog entry is like joining together first two pieces of a brand new jigsaw puzzle. Our complete picture is the idea to share our passion and our vision about this blog space. We are going to slowly join more elements to our jigsaw. You are welcomed to be a part of it as a reader, an observer, or an author. Because without you, our picture stays incomplete. That is why I invite you to follow our blog and be a part of our journey.